Hanntec Engineering Security Systems Ireland crime prevention

Business and Construction yard Security

Business and Construction yards can hold 100’s if not 100’s of 1000’s  worth of stock and material, options are aplenty for the protection of this valuable stock. From monitored CCTV to mobile patrols, however Hanntec Engineering will provide full coverage of your Yard, compound or business premises at an absolute fraction of the cost of above-mentioned solutions, whilst being as effective if not more effective.

Hanntec can supply static, permanent or mobile perimeter security solutions on a sale or lease arrangement. We take care of all aspects of the security solution that works best for your business. We build reliable, repeatable and dependable security solutions for your business. And not to forget, our solutions operate externally, outside, we want to stop the intruder before the damage is done!

  • Permanent Installation Solutions
  • Temporary Installation Solutions
  • Compound Perimeter Security
  • Backyard Perimeter Security
  • Machinery Security
  • Roof Security
  • Diesel Security